GONG RESTAURANT Specialising in Southeast Asian Food

As one of the island jewels of Indonesia, Bali is an incredibly diverse and fascinating nexus for cultural exchanges. These exchanges take many different shapes and forms; one of which is culinary recipes. Southeast Asian cuisine consists of complex flavors that are derived from the many cultural influences from the region. Bali, being one of the island crossroads in Southeast Asia, is an excellent place to get a taste of those recipes. Especially in the Umalas region where travelers have often frequented, and restaurants have adapted to accommodate the different taste buds of their diverse visitors.

Southeast Asian Cuisine

As we preface above, Southeast Asian cuisines consist of a wide variety of complex flavors, each derived from the diverse cultures in the region. It is not uncommon to eat something and taste multiple flavors at once. Imagine eating a dish that conjures up the taste of sweet, sour and spicy, all in a single bite. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

When you think about the membering countries in Southeast Asia, this complex fusion of flavors should not come as a surprise. Recipes are derived from countries such as Vietnam, Cambodia, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, and of course Indonesia. Each country has its own regional differences in taste. For example, Thai food is widely known for its sweet and spicy combination, while Vietnamese recipes lean more towards light ingredients with minimal seasonings.

Other regional differences contribute to the direct ingredients of the recipes themselves based on religious beliefs and available products within the regions.

Gong Restaurant in Umalas

Now that we’ve got a brief overview of what Southeast Asian recipes have to offer, it’s time to try them out for yourself in Bali.

Gong Restaurant in Umalas is a restaurant that specializes in serving Southeast Asian foods. A perfect place for you to get a glimpse of the diverse and complex recipes we mentioned above. Menu selections include bits of recipes from all of Southeast Asia, with an emphasis on Indonesian and Balinese recipes.

We also take pride in the use of locally sourced ingredients to ensure the plate on your table is delivered fresh, while also supporting the local communities in Bali. We recommend our signature dish the slow braised and grilled pork spareribs, complemented with tamarind and sweet soy glaze and served to your table with steamed rice and vegetables. If you have specific dietary needs, we can even tailor the ingredients for you. All you need, is to let our chefs know in advance.

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