Seven features that sum up your private dining experience in Canggu

One of the best ways to spend your time in Bali is to have a private dining experience with you and your loved one. And what better way to do just that than to dine in privacy in Canggu

So what makes the perfect private dining experience? The following are factors that we consider important to the overall dining experience.


When you walk in a restaurant, what is the first thing you notice? Obviously you’re there for the food, but your first impression will likely be on the ambiance or atmosphere of the restaurant.

How the restaurant displays this first impression is key, as it will set the mood and overall feel of your dining experience. From visual cues such as color palette, the texture of the furniture, lighting, all contribute to the ambiance of the restaurant.

A menu that caters to your taste

Like any restaurant, your choice of private dining venue should present a delicious menu that will cater to you and your partner’s culinary preferences.

After all, your private dining experience is as much about the venue as it is with the actual culinary presentation. A good hallmark of any restaurant is how much they invest in their chefs, menu curation, food presentation, and how they can add a dash of magic to your overall dining experience.


What comes to mind when you think of private dining? Is it in a quiet beachside restaurant overlooking the ocean, or perhaps a cozy, Mediterranean restaurant with bohemian-inspired decor? Regardless of your preferred dining venue, location is another factor that contributes to the dining experience.


An obvious factor in private dining is the level of privacy that you have with your partner in the restaurant. This can be defined by the degree of separation between your table and the rest of the restaurant, the level of involvement of the waitresses, and how the overall staff communicates with you during your stay.

Interior layout

Something that is often overlooked in a dining experience is the way the restaurant lays out its interior fixtures and floor plan. From the moment guests walk in, to how they are lead to their table adds to the overall impression and dining experience.

Service and hospitality

The backbone of any great restaurant is the level of dedication and passion of its staff. This is especially true in a private dining venue, as they should be able to read the situation of the guests, and also know how to carry themselves as not to interrupt in the middle of a special moment for example.


If you truly want to create a special moment with your partner, you’ll want to dine in a restaurant that will help you personalize those moments. Whether that’s a special occasion, a proposal, an intimate celebration, or anything in between, make that moment unforgettable with a personalization request with the restaurant.

Private Dining in Canggu

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